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About Amber

Amber grew up on a farm with family of six in the Rocky Mountain House area, a place she will always call home.  Music was always a big part of her life; even though not many people in her family were musicians, everyone loved music and dancing. Amber started singing when she was 4 years old, she wanted to be in dance with her older sister but she was too young so her dance teacher Lillian had Amber up singing “Oh you beautiful doll” with the adult dancers. From then on Amber couldn’t help but sing, and she would drive the family crazy singing her new favorite song over and over trying to perfect the sound.  She started to get a little more serious about singing when she was 14, starting to enter into talent competitions, the first few were learning experiences. As the years went on she got better and better and was starting to win, leading up to her winning grand winning act at the Northlands Country Vocal Spotlight Competition. That competition really helped with the opportunities to kick off the Kick Off Party at Big Valley Jamboree and to sing at the Canadian Finals Rodeo. Amber had just started her band which was called Amber Williams and The Rocky Mountain Experience and created a buzz around her which helped getting gigs in the area. The band went on to open for Gord Bamford on two occasions along with numerous other shows, and then some members of  the band changed and it became The Amber Williams Band, which it still is today. The Amber Williams Band has also had some great opportunities when they opened for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band on two occasions. The Band plays rodeos, dances, cabarets and weddings, pretty much whatever the occaion. Amber recorded four songs with Jeff Bradshaw and Daryl Edwards in Leslieville, Alberta and has high hopes of releasing them to radio within the year.

Amber will always be singing wherever she is, with an amazing voice to support her dreams one can only expect success and great things from her.